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Tender No. Title Closing Date Site Inspection
177-22-23 repair to fridges  15/07/2022 00:00 N/A
175-22-23 repair to centenary hall air-con plant  15/07/2022 00:00 N/A
166-22-23 repair to hdu air-con plant  15/07/2022 00:00 N/A
164-22-23 supply and install gate at 13a  15/07/2022 00:00 N/A
162-22-23 supply and install 2 sump pumps and motors  15/07/2022 00:00 N/A
VRH-86 (C)-22-23 9 months contract to supply deliver and offload 50pp in three generators situated in three clinics 06/07/2022 00:00 N/A
NEH-155-22-23 Dura prep size 15x30 cm 26ml (sterile) 06/07/2022 00:00 N/A
NEH-154-22-23 Syringes disposable luer slip without needle 3 ml (sterile) 06/07/2022 00:00 N/A
NEH-129-22-23 Supply hardware material 06/07/2022 00:00 N/A
NEH-140-22-23 Bp cuffs disposable size 4-8cm & 6-10cm 06/07/2022 00:00 N/A
NEH-136-22-23 Colposcopy insulated duckbills large & medium 06/07/2022 00:00 N/A
NEH-137-22-23 Switch pen, diathermy pad, filter pack 06/07/2022 00:00 N/A
NEH-150-22-23 Connex fittings 06/07/2022 00:00 N/A
NEH-142-22-23 Nasal canula high flow for extreme premature infants 06/07/2022 00:00 N/A
NEH-141-22-23 Billisoft covers pads small & large 06/07/2022 00:00 N/A
HOH.0400.23 Refurbishment of Autopsy area and park home at the Umzimkhulu MLM 07/07/2022 00:00 N/A
HOH-0418-23 supply, deliver and install aluminum single dooron top and trellidoor 07/07/2022 00:00 N/A
HOH-0417-23 renovate/upgrade the security guard hut 07/07/2022 00:00 N/A
HOH-0416-23 renovate/upgrade the ablution 07/07/2022 00:00 N/A
HOH-0415-23 supply, deliver and install stainless steel drip tray 07/07/2022 00:00 N/A

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