Tender No. Title Closing Date Site Inspection
DPM.1318.20.21.H Supply and delivery of wilder dilators 1 est of dilator each 14/04/2021 00:00N/A
DPM.1319.20.21.H Supply anddelivery of bowman lacrimal/ salivary duct probes and dilator 000/00/0/1/2/3/4/5/6 ( 1 set each 14/04/2021 00:00N/A
DPM.1320.20.21.H Supply and delivery of scope sialoendoscope 14/04/2021 00:00N/A
DPM.1322.20.21.H Supply and delivery of patient chair 14/04/2021 00:00N/A
DPM.1321.20.21.H Supply and Delivery of coblation system tonsillectomy 14/04/2021 00:00N/A
DPM.1076.20.21.H electric dermatome with mashers 21/04/2021 00:00N/A
DPM.887.20.21.H Urology Instruments set 21/04/2021 00:00N/A
DPM.175.20.21.H high precision pharmaceutical liquid machine 21/04/2021 00:00N/A
DPM.847.20.21.H Phaco Set 21/04/2021 00:00N/A
DPM.862.20.21.H Nathanson Liver retractor set 21/04/2021 00:00N/A
DPM.1077.20.21.H spinal drill with console 21/04/2021 00:00N/A
DPM.871.20.21.H Retractor flexible Omni tract 21/04/2021 00:00N/A
DPM.878.20.21.H haemorrhoidectomy set 21/04/2021 00:00N/A
5167.03.21.GRS bag polythene clear large size 560x610x32 micron 13/04/2021 00:00N/A
5123.03.21.GRS digital thermometer  13/04/2021 00:00N/A
5161.03.21.GRS viridian green tattoo inks-lead free,( specification attached) 13/04/2021 00:00N/A
5233.03.21.GRS universal eyeshield 7.5X6.5cm (3x2 1/2 inch)  13/04/2021 00:00N/A
5125.03.21.GRS stainless steel measuring jug,2L,140-170mm (spec attached) 13/04/2021 00:00N/A
5071.03.21.GRS size 4 punch biopsy  13/04/2021 00:00N/A
5103.03.21.GRS hydro-guard mini breathing filter - machine end filter of 99.999% 13/04/2021 00:00N/A

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