Tender No. Title Closing Date Site Inspection
MUR34_21_22 Garbage bags (Clear polythene 9 x 12, Red and yellow 90Lt plastics) 20/05/2021 00:00N/A
050-21   MGMH Gloves exam non sterile powder free 21/05/2021 00:00N/A
KMH 0057-22 Filing solution A4 size (5 units per pkt) 24/05/2021 00:00N/A
KMH 0052-22 Floor liquid soap 5L and Hand liquid soap 5L 24/05/2021 00:00N/A
KMH 0065-22 Mortis lock door set (2-lever) SABS approved 24/05/2021 00:00N/A
KMH 0054-22 Bleach disinfected liquid 25L 24/05/2021 00:00N/A
KMH 0072-22 Deodorant block 50g, Airfreshner sray 180ml, Insecticide and dishwashing liquid 24/05/2021 00:00N/A
KMH 0087-22 Non sterile gloves small, medium and large 24/05/2021 00:00N/A
GRS396-04-21 paper medical sterilization film 18/05/2021 00:00N/A
GRS383-04-21 1000 ml reusable pressure bag 18/05/2021 00:00N/A
GRS363-04-21 contour vl soft percuflex material variable ureteral stent 6f 18/05/2021 00:00N/A
GRS312-04-21 umbilical cord scissors 18/05/2021 00:00N/A
GRS528-05-21 cardiac stainless trolleys 18/05/2021 00:00N/A
GRS532-05-21 metal filing cabinets 18/05/2021 00:00N/A
GRS533-05-21 oil heaters 18/05/2021 00:00N/A
GRS529-05-21 free standing bottle type water dispensers 20 lt 18/05/2021 00:00N/A
GRS531-05-21 heavy duty industrial fan 18/05/2021 00:00N/A
GRS311-04-21 paediatric yankauer suction nozzle with rosetip 18/05/2021 00:00N/A
GRS409-04-21 vessel loops 18/05/2021 00:00N/A
GRS293-04-21 rpr rapid test kit 18/05/2021 00:00N/A

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